New Councillors’ Induction Session

Bill Milburn

On Monday 28th May I attended an induction session presented by Seftons MBC’s Strategic Director(Place) Bill Milburn.

The new councillors were introduced to the various heads of Department(Place)  and each  gave a description of the services provided by their departments.

Jim Black, the Director of Street Scene introduced :-

Andrew Walker(Head of Direct Services)

Rajan paul (Head Of Landscape services)

Alan Lunt the Director of Built Environment introduced:- 

Amanda Langan (Head of Investment Programmes and Infrastructure)

Mark Long (Head of Economy and Tourism)

Terry Wood  deputising for (David Packard,( Head of Environment))

Jane Gowing( Head of Planning Services)

I found the meeting most useful and informative.

Licensing Committee

On Monday 28th I attended my first Licensing Committee meeting at Bootle Town Hall.

The meeting discussed changes to the licensing legislation amongst other topics including a new “One Stop Shop” for Taxi licensing.

A list of taxi licence offenders and fines was presented to the committee.

 Four hacney type taxis three black one mauve. Overcast day.


Case Work

I spent several hours completing casework. I held a meeting with a local sheltered Housing resident to advise on a complaints procedure.

I enquired to the strategic director (Place) as to the Sefton MBC policy regarding A-Boards.


Sefton Beaches are brilliant

Saturday Afternoon May 26th. 27C brilliant sunshine, no clouds. Miles of beautiful beach, completely deserted. A Couple of miles further up past Formby point and 2 minutes from a car park the beach was jam-packed.

Formby Beach at Cabin Hill. 14:30 May 26th 2012. Temp 27C.

Follow the footpath left of the railway from entrance to Altcar Rifle range. Left at the crossroads after crossing River Alt. Straight down to the Beach.  2.4 miles about 30 – 40 mins walk. NOTE You are not allowed on the beach South of Cabin Hill Entrance except by arrangement. MOD  firing range.

Volunteers Wanted For Community Archaeology Dig

People can get involved in a rare community archaeology dig to learn more about the history of the Sefton Coast.
Volunteers are invited to join trained archaeologists next month at the site of the former Firwood House in Formby pinewoods.

Dr Richard Formby

The Victorian Villa was built by Dr Richard Formby, one of the founders of the Liverpool Medical School, who was born in 1790. It is not known exactly when the house was built, but it was demolished around 40 years ago.

Now a project has been set up to find out more about the overgrown woodland site and introduce people of all ages to the skills of archaeology.
The project is part of the Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership Scheme which is externally funded mainly by the Heritage Lottery Fund, with support from other sources and members of the Sefton Coast Partnership.
Experts from the Field Archaeology Team at National Museums Liverpool are leading the week-long dig from June 20-27.
The public can watch them throughout the week, and volunteers can get involved on Saturday, June 23, and Sunday, June 24. Local schoolchildren will also visit the project.
Fiona Sunners, from the Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership Scheme, said: “We wanted to organise a public archaeology event along the coast and Firwood House is perfect as it has a hidden past but is not an ancient site
“We are very grateful for the support of the team from National Museums Liverpool who are experienced in running this sort of event.
During the project we are hoping to discover when the house was built, who built it, what it looked like, why it was built there and when and why it fell into disrepair.
“This is a rare opportunity for local people to get involved in archaeology and find out more about the history of Sefton and the Formby area.”

* Anyone keen to get involved in the dig (on June 23/24) can call 0151-934 2964, or e-mail People can also follow the dig on Facebook at (The site of Firwood House is off St Lukes Church Road, Formby, and further details will be on the website and Facebook page.)

Moorside Park

After a number of issues being raised about the condition of Moorside park Crosby. I spent a couple of hours touring the park and took an informal survey of about 50 people enquiring of their views of the park.

I will extend this report further once we have talked to the Strategic Director responsible.

Ah Light fawn coloured block of yorkstone. with ancient inscription. Shafts of dappled sunlight from the South.

This monument in Moorside park, marks the birthplace; Moorside Farm of Laurence Johnson who was ordained a Catholic Priest during the 16c reformation. He was executed for his ‘popery’ at Tyburn by Henry IVIII in 1582. The Yorkstone block has the date 1663.

NHS brief

I attended a brief from the executive of Southport & Ormskirk Hospitals at Southport town hall who are applying for Foundation Trust Status. Considering it was primarily a Southport region issue and that the Liberal democrat councillors have been complaining that the new council would be Bootle centric, it was then surprising to note that whilst 12 councillors from Bootle attended the brief, only five LibDems, and 3 tories turned up.

A light oak furnished room in a neo Gothic style. Blue and white walls with shafts of bright sunshine. Benches with milling councillors all suited and booted. a few grumpy tory councillors

Southport Town Hall Chamber after the NHS Foundation Trust application brief 24th May

The NHS executive spokesperson said that FT status would provide a Non-profit public benefit corporation- Part of the NHS but not run by Government.

They claimed it would give greater freedom to develop strategies.

It would also allow them to

* retain surpluses,

* borrow to invest

*Be responsive to local needs and have

*Local Accountability having members and govenors & commisioners

There followed  a Q&A session

Light oak neo-gothic design grand chair with a canopy

The Southport Town Hall council Chamber. The Mayors chair


Rise In Crosby Burglaries

broken door window, gloved fingers reaching thought to a door handle, night-time

I would ask residents to be especially wary of House burglaries as the Police report a notable rise in numbers over the same period in 2011. 84% more in the past quarter than in the same period in 2011. and a massive 400% comparing April 2011(6)  to April 2012.(30).

Make sure you take sensible precautions, like securing doors and windows etc.

I will update this information after Inspector Prosser’s report to the Crosby Area Committee on the 23rd May at the St Stephen’s Church hall, St. Stephen’s Road in Hightown 18:30. Any one wishing to attend should visit the website for details at this address