Council Meeting

Tonight I signed my acceptance of Councillorship before SEFTON MBC Chief Executive Mrs Margaret Carney.

I later attended the inaugural Full Council meeting which included the installation of the  New Mayor and Mayoress of Sefton metropolitan Borough Council, long serving Labour Councillors Mr Kevin &  Mrs Linda McLuskey. They had the role previously in 2002/3. Councillor Mrs Fearn (LD) was installed as Deputy Chair’

I was also given a seat on the Ports & Health Committee. Amongst many topics this committee will consider the development of the port of Liverpool in Seaforth by Peel Holdings.

Posh wooden highly polished oak desk, With a nameplate (Upsidedown) EHCOR rollincnuoC Black on white background and a grand Oak chair. Victorian style wit a Black Leather cushion and a Gold Embossed Sefton Logo

My Seat On Sefton MBC



2 thoughts on “Council Meeting

  1. In the picture of your seat there is a lot of plastic glasses is that how many free beers, opps sorry, drinks you need because of all the hot air in the chamber

    • Thank you for your commentary, I would respectfully ask that you phone 0750 529 7469 my Virgin media Contract phone. If you wish to attempt to book a future appointment. Especially! in ..these .. Austere times.. My SPAD tells me that we have all blown all of our opponents into oblivion and that you; Mystery Man? are that Chief Gunner.

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