I attended Bootle Town Hall assembly rooms for a session with some of the directors & Heads of services in Sefton MBC

We were given  a description of the departments and their responsibilities. It was a very interesting presentation although daunting.

The Sefton MBC Officers present were:-

Margaret Carney( Chief Executive), 

Peter Morgan (Strategic Director People)

Bill Milburn, (Environmental Protection Director)

 Graham Bayliss (Director of Corporate commissioning)

Samantha Tunney ( Head of Business Intelligence and Performance)

Andrea Grant ( Head of Governance & Civic Services),

Mike Fogg(Director Of corporate Support Services)

Margaret Rawding( Head of Corporate Finance)

Jill Coole ( Head of Corporate Services)

Sue Holden( Equalities,Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector)

Linda price (Members It Support)

Kerrie Bond(Government & Civic Services)

Blonde Businesslike Lady seated on Executive chair. Roses on bright sunlit window behind. Light room decoration

Margaret Carney ( Chief Exec’ Sefton MBC)

Smiling man, Fair complexion, Neatley dressed, White shirt with thin black check, Black jacket. seventies style Beige Background.
Peter Morgan( Strategic Director People( Sefton MBC)

Gentleman in grey suit red tie, white shirt and Hi Visibility jerkin. Smiling to the Camera in front of the Cab of a large vehicle.
Bill Milburn( Straegic Director Place Sefton MBC)

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