NHS brief

I attended a brief from the executive of Southport & Ormskirk Hospitals at Southport town hall who are applying for Foundation Trust Status. Considering it was primarily a Southport region issue and that the Liberal democrat councillors have been complaining that the new council would be Bootle centric, it was then surprising to note that whilst 12 councillors from Bootle attended the brief, only five LibDems, and 3 tories turned up.

A light oak furnished room in a neo Gothic style. Blue and white walls with shafts of bright sunshine. Benches with milling councillors all suited and booted. a few grumpy tory councillors

Southport Town Hall Chamber after the NHS Foundation Trust application brief 24th May

The NHS executive spokesperson said that FT status would provide a Non-profit public benefit corporation- Part of the NHS but not run by Government.

They claimed it would give greater freedom to develop strategies.

It would also allow them to

* retain surpluses,

* borrow to invest

*Be responsive to local needs and have

*Local Accountability having members and govenors & commisioners

There followed  a Q&A session

Light oak neo-gothic design grand chair with a canopy

The Southport Town Hall council Chamber. The Mayors chair


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