Definition of the term “Fallow land”

4774516966_2c405b5107_zI am concerned that planners and developers are misusing the term “Fallow” in order to describe the state of land.  I am concerned that developers have purchased high quality argricultural land in Sefton and then left the areas  derelict for many years thereby, seemimingly,  hoping to deteriorate it’s efficacy as agricultural land. All undertaken under the badge of Fallow land.

A number of councillors on the planning committee have asked for a fresh and clear definition.

The O.E.D. Defines “Fallow” thus

Definition of fallow


  • 1(of farmland) ploughed and harrowed but left for a period without being sown in order to restore its fertility or to avoid surplus production:incentives for farmers to let land lie fallow

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