Sefton MBC “Rough Sleepers Policy”

Following an enquiry from a resident at Queens Rd, Crosby I received this reply from the Officer responrough sleeperssible for this.

Sefton MBC has  a well established Cold Weather Provision in partnership with Liverpool CC; this provision should mean that anyone rough sleeping has the opportunity to access overnight shelter and additional support. This provision is available based on government set criteria i.e. when the temperature is estimated to be zero degrees Celsius or below for a period of 3 days or longer.  

The Council is also part of the Liverpool City Region “No Second Night Out” protocol ( the first outside London) that aims to get first time rough sleepers off the streets asap.
Sefton MBC in conjunction with Liverpool CC also provide a “sit up” service outside the times when the Cold Weather Service is not in operation.
All these schemes seek to end rough sleeping and provide support and assist the individuals into more permanent accommodation should they wish to.”
Neil Woodhouse
Manager Housing Options Team
If any resident is aware of anyone sleeping rough in Victoria Ward then please ring me on 0750 529 7469 I will pass on the information.
Michael Roche

One thought on “Sefton MBC “Rough Sleepers Policy”

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