Sefton Green Gym Upgrade


Queensway green Gym members 2011, Green Hero Award winners

Several years ago National Lottery funding was utilised to set up a number of “Green Gyms” within Sefton MBC. These areas; all in existing allotment schemes, were intended to provide areas for people of all abilities to try growing their own vegatables or take part in gardening activities. As the years have passed most schemes have fallen by the wayside.

HOWEVER! In Victoria ward the Queensway Allotments “Sefton Green Gym” (SGG) is still in action and thriving under the chairpersonship of Mrs Madeline Litchfield who is also a leader of the Friends of Marine Gardens.

Mrs Litchfield has recently taken over the chair’ from the untiring Mr Roger Tolley and thank you to Roger for all his hard work over the years in this post.

Mrs Litchfield and the membership have recently been very active in seeking new funding for the SGG and recently the SSG won a National award ( See the SGG Facebook)  The membership has been increasing but new members always welcome.

Victoria ward Councillors recently donated £1,000 to each of the community groups in the ward, including SGG, fom the ward’s budget. The Mayor’s charity fund also donated a sum to SGG.

Here are some photos of recent upgrades funded by these donations including a new gate, stand pump and improved access pathways.

attachment (11)

attachment (7)attachment (10)a-board

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