David Cameron’s Bedroom Tax, fully supported by the LibDems


At Prime Minister’s Questions this week Ed Miliband challenged David Cameron on the unfair Bedroom Tax. The measure is set to be introduced in April, at the same time as millionaires will get a tax cut from the ToryLibDem Government. The Bedroom Tax will hit military families whose soldier son or daughter is deployed for more than 13 weeks and the Government’s own impact assessment says that almost two thirds of the people affected are disabled. The Bedroom Tax is not just unfair; there are warnings too that it might be unworkable with not enough smaller properties for people to move to. This unfair policy tells you everything you need to know about a Prime Minister who is weak, incompetent and totally out of touch.

Ordinary Liberal Democrat party members across the country must be seriously embarrassed by their leaders support for this stupid, shambolic and unfair policy.

Something not mentioned is that Housing Benefit claimants in Private rentals have equally been hit with the ToryLibdem Bedroom Tax as Local housing allowance rates were reduced by a similar margin some months ago meaning many private renters are ‘taxed’ around £1,000 per year.

In Sefton there are almost 4,000 Housing benefit claimants affected by this latest ToryLib bedroom Tax and thousands more in Private rented accomodation. I will be seeking  full and updated data from Sefton MBC officers this week.

Many of these claimants are working, the Government calculates 64% nationally are disabled.  Shows how much your ToryLibDem Government cares for the most vulnerable in the UK.


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