The Conservative Broadcasting Corporation

I mentioned earlier that the BBC might try to hide the major judgement against the government on their Slavery/Forced labour program   by Lord Justice Pill in the High Court this morning. Sadly the once proudly independent BBC is now reduced to a mouthpiece for this shameless far-right Government.

As of 18:00 there is no mention at all of the judgement on the BBC news website homepage. Plenty about Frank Lampard, Princess Kate’s belly, £40k Mobile phones and people speaking Latin.

The judgement on the commonly entitled “Workfare” program meant that unless and until  the Government can re-table and pass new regulations in Parliament they can no longer legally force people to take part in mandatory labour schemes. If the Government is unable to pass a legal scheme through Parliament then anyone who has been sanctioned on certain schemes will be entitled to full recompense.

The Government while accepting the need to re-table ESE regulations to Parliament and being denied right to appeal to the High Court say they will appeal to the supreme court.

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