Shambolic benefit changes costing taxpayers millions each week

The use of B&Bs to house poor families for over six weeks has risen by 800% since the last general election, as shown  by FOI requests to 352 Councils with 242 responses. 125 Responding councils reported placing poor families in hotels for six weeks or more, 54% of these councils are Conservative.

Local authorities point to welfare cuts and a lack of affordable housing, making B&Bs the only option is some cases. Councils are currently spending an average of £650 a week to keep people off the streets.

Jack Dromey MPJack Dromey, Labour’s shadow housing minister, called it “an absolute disgrace” and said: “The Government’s housing and economic policies are failing and families with children are paying the price. Affordable house building has collapsed, rents are soaring and their ill-thought-through benefit changes are driving up homelessness.

“But the Government’s policies are not just causing desperate hardship for those affected, they’re costing taxpayers millions of pounds every week.”

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