Merseyside Fire service cuts, Cllr Les Byrom

Fire engine, red & yellow, sunny day, one in sillouette

Baracuda Fire appliance

Victoria ward Councillor Les Byrom is also the Vice Chairman of the Authority. Cllr Byrom has given me the following quote  about the cuts to the Merside Fire & Rescue Service.

Les and Cherie Blair“Merseyfire has been recognised both nationally and internationally as a groundbreaking exponent of community fire safety, we have been recognised as as an excellent authority, with best practice in service delivery, equalities, diversity and community fire safety.  Our attendance times are the best in the country and our costs are within the average of city brigades.
We have been forced by draconian government cuts to chop £10m off our budget over the last 2 years and face a further unprecedented £10m cut off the budget in the next two years, frankly, no one can cut the budget by a third and still provide the same service !
The Chief Fire Officer and his team, in full consultation with staff and unions have proposed a system of working that whilst reducing substantially the number of fire engines available, will still keep our average attendance times as the best in the country.  Councillors want to keep all our fire stations open and avoid compulsory redundancy.  We have a huge task ahead, but our staff are our greatest asset, heroes every one and we owe it to them to do the best we can, to keep the public of Merseyside as safe as possible within the budget now forced on us.
We are campaigning politically and using every device at our disposal to lobby against any further cuts, the Labour leadership and Labour members of the Merseyside fire authority are determined to keep this as the safest area of England, give constant best practice and overcome the worst of these savage cuts.
We are working with Labour shadow ministers to bring in plans for the next Labour Government to reverse the worst effects of the cuts, recognising that we are in a world recession but there can be no compromise with public safety”

Les Byrom

Councillor Leslie T. Byrom CBE MStJ FRICS

Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council – Member for Victoria Ward
Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service – Vice Chairman of the Authority

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