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Could be a thrilling finish to the Evo Stick North season – people of Crosby @MarineAFC need your support to make the play offs!

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marine afc

Marine AFC, College Road, Crosby

Crosby Area Co-Ordination Committe

On Frisday 14:00 – 16:30 I attended the Crosby Area co-ordination committee at Bootle Town hall.  This included representatives from the Police, fire services, environment, one vision, Park & Gardens, Countryside and ward councillors. It was chaired by Cllr Paul Cummins.

Residential Parking Scheme York Rd, Queens Rd

Consultations with residents will commence in March regarding the possible installation of a full residents parking scheme for York Road and Queens Road Crosby. The scheme was requested by residents following numerous parking problems in mainly York Road as it is very narrow and attracts parking from Merchants Taylor’s and The Crosby Pub.

For more information eMail highwayenquiries@sefton.gov.uk


Large rise in part-time employment – ONS


According to the latest ONS figures, unemployment now stands at 2.5 Million.

Unemployment amongst 16 to 24-year-olds, rose by 11,000 to 974,000,

There was a 190,000 rise in those working part-time  to 8.02 Million according to the latest ONS figures. That is 572,000 more than 2009.

Full time employment stands at 21.7 Million.  378,000 lower than in April to June 2008, the first quarter of the 2008-09 recession. However this includes 4.2m self employed, 163,000 sanctioned onto workfare and  110,000 unpaid family workers

Mr Duncan-Smith DWP Minister

Mr Duncan-Smith DWP Minister

Tory DWP minister Ian Duncan-Smith tried to claim today that employment was at it’s highest since records began in 1971. Whilst that may be true:  In 1971 unemployment was 2.8% of the workforce today it is 7.8%. From  Spygun

196,000 people in Teaching were reclassified into the Private sector. This had the effect of inflating the statistics for Private sector job creation.

The ToryLibDems made 28,000 Public sector job cuts (Nurses, Police,  Army etc)  since June 2012 total as shown below:-

3,000 jobs cut in the NHS

11,000 Jobs cut in Public administration

8,000 job cuts in Education

6,000 job cuts in the  HM Forces, Fire fighters aONS FEB 2012 Breakdownnd the police        



Shambolic benefit changes costing taxpayers millions each week

The use of B&Bs to house poor families for over six weeks has risen by 800% since the last general election, as shown  by FOI requests to 352 Councils with 242 responses. 125 Responding councils reported placing poor families in hotels for six weeks or more, 54% of these councils are Conservative.

Local authorities point to welfare cuts and a lack of affordable housing, making B&Bs the only option is some cases. Councils are currently spending an average of £650 a week to keep people off the streets.

Jack Dromey MPJack Dromey, Labour’s shadow housing minister, called it “an absolute disgrace” and said: “The Government’s housing and economic policies are failing and families with children are paying the price. Affordable house building has collapsed, rents are soaring and their ill-thought-through benefit changes are driving up homelessness.

“But the Government’s policies are not just causing desperate hardship for those affected, they’re costing taxpayers millions of pounds every week.”

Bootle Golf Course contractor enters Liquidation


Bill Milburn,
Sefton MBC director (Place)

I spoke to Bill Milburn the Sefton MBC executive Director responsible. He says the intention is to keep the Golf course open. He has this afternoon, been in discussions with the Legal Department and the Contractor. The Liquidator has changed the locks on the Club-house & changing rooms so this is an immediate complication there which will require negotiation and some time to resolve.  He says that he intends to have the course available for play as soon as possible.

Bootle golf course

Bootle golf course, Dunningsbridge Road, Netherton.

Sefton Council Members Budget Brief

I attended the Budget brief tonight by executive officers. 16:30-18:30 at Bootle Town Hall assembly rooms.

Some tough descisions to be made to service the massive cuts from the ToryLibdem Government to Local Government funding.

SVIS Margaret Carney, chief executive of Sefton Council

Margaret Carney, chief executive of Sefton Council

We have targeted £50.8m worth of cuts up to 2015. This is on top of £64million already made, £114.8 Million cuts per year from a controllable budget of £236m

Recently in the local press,  Southport LibDem MP Simon Pugh sniffily claimed that the Council could use it’s “£40m Strategice reserve” to off-set the cuts. Chief Executive Margaret Carney explained that our strategic reserve is already accounted for and required to cover for possible  insurance liabilities. So, as usual, another Libdem talking ill-informed balderdash.

Bootle Town Hall

Bootle Town Hall, Trinity Rd, Bootle