Tesco Charity Trust

This charity Trust  will consider funding applications from people who live in areas where Tesco “Has a presence”. we have a Tesco Metro in Victoria ward on Coronation Road. So Victoria residents & community groups may apply. I will bring this to the attention of “Friends Of Carnegie Library“.

FRom The Tesco Charity Trust Website:-

logo_siteThe Trust was set up on 1 June 1987 to support both national and local community charities, and to add a 20% top up to staff fundraising. It is run by a board of trustees recommended by the main board of Tesco PLC.

 In the year ending February 2012, the Tesco Charity Trust made cash grants of over £2 million to local, national and international charities. This figure includes: Community Award donations to local community charities totalling almost £700,000; Donations to other charities totalling almost £600,000; Over £700,000 in 20% top up on staff fundraising for Tesco Charities of the Year, Cancer Research UK and other charities.

The Tesco Charity Trust aims to help Tesco support the local communities in which we operate.

To Visit the website CLICK HERE

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