Moorgate Avenue – Traffic problems

Moorgate mar 2013

Moorgate Avenue, The Northern Road entrance

Residents in Moorgate Avenue L23 Crosby have registered complaints about numerous vehicles transgressing the one way system on their road.  Vehicles, at peak times are disobeying the one way signs and entering from the Northern Road.  Police were informed and today were at the site and  stopped and fined 8 motorists.

I have spoken to residents and also requested a requested an electronic traffic survey be installed by the highways department to provide evidence.

Residents have a plethora of evidence already including photographs and vehicle details.

The residents are amassing a petition which I will endorse to be presented to the next Crosby Area Committee.

One of the residents Geoff Rawsthorne; a well-known Landcape Gardener, suggested a number of solutions including Traffic Flow Plates  as a relatively cheap solution and this will be considered by the Highways team who will provide costings for the various solutions and their own recommendation.  Other ideas included Roadside Cameras or an amendment to the existing traffic schemes on Moorgate, Rosedale and Endfield.


Traffic Flow Plates


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