A real crisis is looming.


The then Giedon Osbourne, Bullingdon club member

Wednesday 20th March is Budget Day, Hundreds of thousands of people claming benefits, the majority working on low pay, will this week receive a bill of around £30 a month for David Cameron’s new poll tax (The Council Tax Reduction Scheme) followed in April by around £100 a month shortfall on their rent support due to the Secretary of State (DCLG), Eric Pickles  shambolic  and fundamentally unfair Bedroom Tax . Hundreds of Thousands of Housing Benefit claimants in private rentals have already had their support reduced by around £120 per month.

It’s likely that  many won’t be able to pay Council tax or the shortfall to their Landlords,  some may not want to.

Hundreds of thousands might appeal the Housing benefit reduction causing a meltdown in the DWP.

The councils will surely be left to pick up the pieces of this viscious attack on the poorest and most vulnerable.

Councils in the North and most Labour run Councils though are already stripped of cash following unfair and geographically unbalanced  ToryLibdem cuts to funding.

A crisis is looming, even without this latest Budget.

* The top 1000 richest UK people have quietly increased their joint wealth by £155bn since 2010

* A one-off capitals gains tax on that profit would pay off the deficit and leave each of them £3million

evil pickles

The Secretary of State for the Department of Cimmunitees and  Local Government (DCLG) Eric Pickles MP


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