This from a Nurse seems to be the real truth of patient care now in the NHS not what the Government and their media(BBC etc,,) would have you believe


Imagine a patient. Lets call him Sam. Sam has been told some very bad news: he has liver cancer and urgently needs a major operation. After the operation he will need specialist care in the Intensive Care Unit to help him recover so a bed has been booked for him. On the day of his operation, Sam hasn’t eaten or drunk anything since midnight the night before and is terrified about what is about to happen. He is due to go to theatre at 9am because the operation will last several hours. But his trip to theatre is delayed. Why? Because there is no bed available in the intensive care unit for him afterwards.

For Sam, and patients like him every day, there are now two versions of the story. In one, the operation is cancelled and poor Sam has to go home and wait again in unimaginable fear for…

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