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Chris Leslie MP, Labour MP for Nottingham (E). Shadow Financial Secretary to the Treasury

Sefton MBC Consultation on Charging for Green Waste Collection

As part of the Budget set on February 28th this year, we accepted the recommendation  that savings could be found in the provision of sevices for green waste collection.
Members of all parties have expressed both skepticism and support for the move. The Council wil2013-03-26 12.00.43l now perform a full public consultation on this. The consultation can be found HERE
The consultation, which runs until June 14, 2013, aims to seek the views of as many people as possible about the option of introducing a charge for the service.
The purpose of the consultation is to:
1.  Explain why a charge to collect green waste is being proposed

2.  Find out how much people are prepared to pay for receiving this service
3.  Find out what part of the week people would like their collections to be made

4.  How people will dispose of their green waste if they do not use this service.
My View.
I think a small charge for this service is not unfair given the economic situation.  If the outcome is that more people compost their own green waste then that is a plus for the environment.
However, I think it would be a loss to the environment and unfair on those who don’t have gardens, who wish to re-cycle relatively small amounts of green food waste (potato peel etc..) which would  inevitably end up with normal waste.

US style health care, coming to you starting 1st April.

Camron NHS liesThe Tories, eagerly supported by their Liberal? Democrats?  have quietly been able to push through the complete privatisation of the NHS,  a project carefully constructed by their big money party backers in the Health Insurance industry over many years.

Was there a word of this in their manifesto? They lied openly to the public and parliament and have coerced the mediaTories-write-the-NHS-tombstone_large into whitewashing the details.

The BBC especially has lost all credibility as far as  it’s impartiality stands. Since the election there has been not one article ctiticising the Governments plans for the NHS. Maybe not suprising when the Conservative appointed BBC boss is the ex Conservative Chairman.

The Government has deliberately underfunded sections of NHS services to ensure they fail and have to be ‘rescued‘ by private investment.

In the US, 70% of those forced into Bankruptcy because of medical treatment costs initially had full health care insurance. 

The prominent blogger Sunny Hundal pointed out this interview in the British Medical Journal with Dr Lucy Reynolds, research fellow at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Dr Reynolds has studied the background of the NHS in detail, and in the interview she shares her view of the consequences of the NHS reforms and possible privatisation of the NHS

Bin Collection delays – Sefton MBC Press release

Today’s adverse weather conditions have affected refuse and recycling collection, especially in the south Sefton area, mainly on side streets.

Our current advice is to place wheelie bins and recycling out as normal for collections on Friday, March 21.

Collections are operating as normal in the north of the borough, but some collections from RAF Woodvale to the

Snow on Endfield Road, March 22 2013

Snow on Enfield Avenue, March 22 2013

Liverpool boundary may be missed.

Residents who missed their collections on Friday, March 22 due to the heavy snowfall and poor ground conditions, should leave their bins and recycling out. Crews will endeavour to recover any missed collections on Monday, March 25.

Recycling collections, run by Palm Recycling, The Council’s Contractor, will mirror the arrangements operated by Sefton Council.

Any updated information on collections will be reported on www.sefton.gov.uk 

and via our twitter feed @SeftonCouncil.

Your Chancellor, ….

Snarling evil face

Chancelloe, George Osborne, trying to give a s**t about ordinary people

I have lived for 58 years. I have  met millions of people of all races and religions. I  can never recall anyone of any race or creed displaying a face like this to me:

This is your Chancellor George Osbourne MP, architect of the Pastie tax, granny tax etc and now the millionaires  holiday home subsidy:-

Budget 2013 – Help for Millionaires, Holiday Home Subsidy


It turns out that, not only will millionaires, including most of the ToryLibdem Cabinet, get a £100,769 tax cut on April1st, the budget now gives them the chance of a Government subsidised Holiday home.

The “Help To Buy” scheme might even allow  people to  get a subsidy to purchase a £600,000 house for conversion to one bedroom flats or bedsits to make maximum capital by taking advantage of and profiteering from, those forced out of their houses due to the “Bedroom Tax”


Labour’s shadow chancellor, Ed Balls MP

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls Says:-“It now seems his mortgage scheme will help people no matter how high their income to buy a subsidised second home worth up to £600,000,” 

“From what I can see, the government is basically saying if you have got a spare room in a social home, you will pay the bedroom tax but if you want a spare home and you can afford it, we will help you buy one. That is not just tax cuts for millionaires, it is – dare I say it – a spare homes subsidy.”

I think that any  funding for housing should have been invested on building Social Housing for the millions on council and Housing association waiting lists.

Licence granted 95/97 Liverpool Road

95 97 liverpool rd
That the application for the Grant of a Premises Licence in respect of  95-97 Liverpool Road, Crosby subject to certain conditions including closing doors and windows where amplification is used and regular meetings between the Licence holder and residents.

Minutes of the Meeting CLICK HERE


My View:

“I hope the venue creates lots of jobs for young people as youth unemployment has risen in by 48,000*, to almost a million 16-24 year olds” *(Commons Library 20/3/13


Liverpool Airport flights to Scandinavia on Norwegian State Airline

2013-02-15 12.55.19I am a member of the Liverpool John Lennon Airport Joint consultative committee. I posted earlier that at the last meeting the recently formed Norwegian State airline FLY NORWEGIAN announced a new 3x daily service between Copenhagen in Denmark; which is the Scandinavian hub airport and Liverpool.

Here is official confirmation today on Twitter:-

Budget 2013

Chancellor George Gideon OsbourneMP . Thinks it's a Hoot

Chancellor George Gideon OsbourneMP . Thinks it’s a Hoot

I guess the latest ToryLibdem budget looks (as usual) as though  it will punish the poor and vulnerable in order to reward the better off and millionaires. A section regarding the Bank of England spoke of “relaxing targets” which indicates they will no longer attempt to control inflation. This at a time when benefits and low wages are cut, frozen and VAT is at it’s highest level ever.

Labour MP John McDonnell suspects further hidden measures to reduce social security:

Ed MillibandMP labour leader concluded his budget reply with the following

“The Chancellor has failed the tests of the British people:

Growth, living standards and hope.

But he has not just failed their tests. He has failed on his own as well.

ed Miliband MP

Ed Miliband MP, Labour Leader

Today the Chancellor joined twitter.

He could have got it all into 140 characters.

Growth down. Borrowing up. Families hit. And millionaires laughing all the way to the bank. #downgradedChancellor. 

Mr Deputy Speaker, more of the same is not the answer to the last three years. 

More of the same is the answer of a downgraded Chancellor, in a downgraded Government.

Britain deserves better than this”

Full Budget Reply CLICK HERE