Trafalgar Square Protests – Censored?

Traf sq thatcher artist taxi drverCENSORED?…. Why and by who?

I found a webcam from Trafalgar square at 18:00 tonight which mysteriously went into pause mode at 18:05 as protestors began to gather in the Square. I then found a live stream from Occupy London Protestors @OccupyLondon at the square and posted the feed here. Both links mysteriously disappeared from my posts at about 18:30.

There was no mention at all on the BBC TV or Website news of the protest despite there being a confirmed Met’ Police presence at 18:45 of 1,700. ITV news and Rueters later claimed that there were a hundred or so protestors in the square. Press and Police estimates were around 3,000. The numbers are clearly demonstrated in the above photograph taken as early as 18:00

The following are Twitter Posts ( tweets ) with photos from earlier:-

The feed that was censored

Video streaming by Ustream


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