Majority of Housing Benefit claimants are working

a greedy landlord-300x199

Private Landord

 A report published today by research group The Building and Social Housing Foundation found that 93% of new housing benefit claims made between January 2010 and December 2011 were made by households containing at least one employed adult.

The ToryLibDem myth that the benefit Cap, rolled out across the country from this week, will be fair to the taxpayer. Most claimants are taxpayers anyway.

Greedy Landlords, charging extortionate rents are the only people who benefit from the Housing Benefit spending.

A one off Capital Gains tax at only 28% tax on the £155 billion recent profits of the top 1,000 UK richest people would pay off the budget deficit and give enough money to build hundreds of thousands of social housing. This would reduce demand and therefore Private rents, thus reducing the Housing Benefit Bill.


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