Neighbourhood wars are coming

evil pickles

Eric Pickles MP DCLG Minister

Planning iconNeighbourhoods across the country set to be at war after Eric Pickles with the eager collaboration of the Liberal Democrats, narrowly squeezes through his bill allowing a planning free-for-all on building extensions of as much as 24 feet without permission or consideration of neighbours rights, amenity or concerns.

The few remaining wealthy but sharp-elbowed people across the country will be spending their newly awarded tax cut lolly in B&Q this weekend in preparation to building giant extensions without any care what their neighbours might think.

It seems Eric Pickles; as well as  hating local Democracy, now detests neighbourhood’s and communities and their rights too.

This unelected and unmandated Government continues to ruin  the country for the benefit of the minority at the expense of us all.

I sense a change though. This funeral guff is changing people’s perception and the culture of “I’m alright Jack” and “Looking after number 1” is in it’s death throes.


One thought on “Neighbourhood wars are coming

  1. Eric Pickles said he would look at coming up with a compromise to smooth the objections from his own government. How can anyone trust a government that tells such untruths to get their own way. Now that it’s passed through the house he won’t change anything because whenever does he keep his word, NEVER

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