Crosby Beach Clean

Blue Ocean planet organisation’s aims are to Educate, Raise awareness and ultimately help protect marine environments and its wildlife, both being essential to the well being of us all.

In the UK, we work in schools to deliver extra curricular lessons and workshops to increase understanding of the marine world . We aim to inspire and engage young people within our society about our precious oceans and our reliance upon them”

Due to  the  £114m per year cuts imposed on Sefton Council by the  Government,  our beaches are not being cleaned as much as before.

Blue Ocean Planet with your help aims to clean all the beaches along our coastline this year.

For children there will be nature detective activities, games and beach craft.

Refreshments and equipment provided.

Event at Crosby/Waterloo beach Sunday 21st April 12:pm – 4pm

Meet at Crosby Lakeside adventure centre


Crosby beach clean

Outdoor Gyms at Moorside Park and Coronation Park

Moorside Park GYM Eqpt

Map 1. Moorside Park

Coronation park

Map 2. Coronation Park.

Sefton MBC Parks & Gardens have now installed eight items of outdoor Gym equipment in Moorside park (see Map 1) and a further eight at Coronation Park(Behind park buildings, see map 2)

The equipment was funded by the NHS Patient Care trust.

The equipment is free for anybody to use and instructions are provided on each piece.

Instructions for blind & partially sighted users CLICK HERE

The Equipment

Derek from Brownmoor Close, tries out the Equipment

Derek from Brownmoor Close, tries out the Equipment

2013-04-18 15.08.57

Body Twist

2013-04-18 15.09.35

Chest Press

2013-04-18 15.10.02

Cross rider

2013-04-18 15.10.36

Combi Arm Bike

2013-04-18 15.11.05

Air Walker

2013-04-18 15.11.39

Upper Body Workout

2013-04-18 15.12.05

Shoulder press

2013-04-18 15.12.32


2013-04-18 15.09.14 2013-04-18 15.09.46 2013-04-18 15.10.15 2013-04-18 15.10.51 2013-04-18 15.11.16 2013-04-18 15.11.54 2013-04-18 15.12.16 2013-04-18 15.12.42

Neighbourhood wars are coming

evil pickles

Eric Pickles MP DCLG Minister

Planning iconNeighbourhoods across the country set to be at war after Eric Pickles with the eager collaboration of the Liberal Democrats, narrowly squeezes through his bill allowing a planning free-for-all on building extensions of as much as 24 feet without permission or consideration of neighbours rights, amenity or concerns.

The few remaining wealthy but sharp-elbowed people across the country will be spending their newly awarded tax cut lolly in B&Q this weekend in preparation to building giant extensions without any care what their neighbours might think.

It seems Eric Pickles; as well as  hating local Democracy, now detests neighbourhood’s and communities and their rights too.

This unelected and unmandated Government continues to ruin  the country for the benefit of the minority at the expense of us all.

I sense a change though. This funeral guff is changing people’s perception and the culture of “I’m alright Jack” and “Looking after number 1” is in it’s death throes.