Full Council

I attended tonight 9th May 18:00 the Full Council Annual General meeting, called to elect the Sefton Mayor and other senior posts for 2013/14.

Mayor of Sefton 2012/13 Cllr Kevin Cluskey

Mayor of Sefton 2012/13
Cllr Kevin Cluskey

The assembled councillors, and notaries stood to welcome Mayor Kevin Cluskey and Mayoress Linda Cluskey to the Southport Town Hall Council Chamber.

LD Councillor Robertson moved the nomination which was seconded by Cllr Lord Fearn.

Mayor Cluskey called for the unanimous approval of the nominee; Cllr Maureen Fearn JP  which was accepted  by the assembled Councillors.

Maureen Fearn

Mayor Of Sefton 2013/14 Cllr Maureen Fearn JP

After a short adjournment during which Madam Mayor robed and returned in full regalia.

The Leader of Sefton Council Cllr Peter Dowd nominated retiring Mayor Cllr Kevin Cluskey as Deputy Chair of the Council,  seconded by Cllr Ian Maher and accepted unanimously by the assembled Council members.

The meeting was then adjourned until 14th May 18:30 at Bootle Town Hall.

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