RIP Paul after 14 weeks with no money, due to DWP error.

Benefit tales

Update 15th Jan 2013- the story of how this man died waiting for his benefits has now been covered by the ‘Daily Mirror, with more details. You can find it here:

From the Facebook page ‘Atos Miracles’

” With respect and sadness we report the death of a 51 year old gentleman as reported on 4UP by the close friend who found him dead: “Another one off ESA. My friend who I have been trying to help by getting advise from 4UP over the last couple of months DIED in a freezing cold flat on Tuesday evening. He went 14 weeks with no money only to be told that his no compliance for attending an assessment had been good cause and he was entitled to his money with back pay,back to 5/10/13. He never got to see a penny. His money was paid into his bank on the afternoon…

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