20 MPH scheme Consultation to begin 8th July

The consultation with Victoria and Manor Ward residents over a proposed 20MPH scheme in the area will be held between 8th and 19th July. The roads affected are shown below. Residents in the affected areas will receive a four page consultation document in the next few days.

20 MPH scheme20 mph road names

Proposal for a 20MPH zone in Victoria ward

Cllr J Fairclough small

Cllr John Fairclough
Cabinet member Transport

During 2012/13, a series of blanket 20 mph speed  limit areas were introduced in various areas with the Borough. This was in line  with the current Borough-wide policy for the introduction of 20 mph speed limits in all residential areas.

The policy, which was approved by Cabinet Member Transportation in October 2011, stated that the speed limit on all residential areas within Sefton, with the exception of main distributor roads, should be reduced to 20 mph as a rolling
programme over a three or four year period.

Tonight 6th June. Councillors at the Sefton Central area committee will be asked to approve a public consultation of several new 20 mph zones and the network of main distributor roads which will remain at 30/40 mph.

Here is a map showing how the proposed scheme will affect Victoria Ward.  If you reside in Victoria Ward and have any comments on the proposal then please eMail me on michael.roche@councillors@sefton.gov.uk 

The Agenda a full details of the proposed 20mph zones across Sefton and the full meeting agenda can be downloaded at this link :  CLICK  HERE 

20 mph victoria

20 mph zone. Affected areas withing victoria ward

Streets affected in Victoria Ward only

Streets affected in Victoria Ward only

Moorgate Avenue – Traffic problems

Moorgate mar 2013

Moorgate Avenue, The Northern Road entrance

Residents in Moorgate Avenue L23 Crosby have registered complaints about numerous vehicles transgressing the one way system on their road.  Vehicles, at peak times are disobeying the one way signs and entering from the Northern Road.  Police were informed and today were at the site and  stopped and fined 8 motorists.

I have spoken to residents and also requested a requested an electronic traffic survey be installed by the highways department to provide evidence.

Residents have a plethora of evidence already including photographs and vehicle details.

The residents are amassing a petition which I will endorse to be presented to the next Crosby Area Committee.

One of the residents Geoff Rawsthorne; a well-known Landcape Gardener, suggested a number of solutions including Traffic Flow Plates  as a relatively cheap solution and this will be considered by the Highways team who will provide costings for the various solutions and their own recommendation.  Other ideas included Roadside Cameras or an amendment to the existing traffic schemes on Moorgate, Rosedale and Endfield.


Traffic Flow Plates

Rise In Crosby Burglaries

broken door window, gloved fingers reaching thought to a door handle, night-time

I would ask residents to be especially wary of House burglaries as the Police report a notable rise in numbers over the same period in 2011. 84% more in the past quarter than in the same period in 2011. and a massive 400% comparing April 2011(6)  to April 2012.(30).

Make sure you take sensible precautions, like securing doors and windows etc.

I will update this information after Inspector Prosser’s report to the Crosby Area Committee on the 23rd May at the St Stephen’s Church hall, St. Stephen’s Road in Hightown 18:30. Any one wishing to attend should visit the Sefton.gov.uk website for details at this address http://modgov.sefton.gov.uk/moderngov/ieListMeetings.aspx?CommitteeId=129 



Working on casework, passed residents documents to Council official responsible for consumer affairs in Magdalen House.

Submitted residents petition documents to Mike Morris the Sefton MBC officer responsible for the Crosby area committee.

Next Crosby Area Committee to be held at St. Stephen’s Church Hall, St.Stephen’s Road, Hightown 18:30



Modern building white winglike structure with a brick frontage. Blue skies. Lawns

Magdalen House, Trinity Road, Bootle


Repairs to Verge requested

A number of residents in the Northern road have requested repairs to a badly eroded section of Grass verge. The verge is habitually used by parents parking to drop off children at local schools and also by Taxi drivers who use the area as a ‘Stand’.

I will request agreement to fund repairs to the verge and the installation of bollards/trees from the Victoria ward budget at the next Crosby Area Committee(23rd may)

Articulated Container lorry parked on grass verge. Repair Truck on opposite side of the road. Blue skies, wispy clouds. Leafy suburban area. Early spring groth on trees.SUV type car parked on eroded grass verge. White overcast sky. Leafy Suburban street. Spring growth on trees.