Sefton Local Plan Consultation

local_plan_logoSefton Council approved the Local Plan Preferred Option and supporting documents for consultation on 27 June 2013.  The Local Plan will shape the future of Sefton for years to come. It sets out how new development will be managed in the period from 2015 to 2030, encourages sustainable development and economic growth and gives current and future generations more opportunities to live and work in Sefton’s outstanding environment.

Sefton Council’s  Local Plan pages feature the main Plan and a range of other information To open CLICK HERE 

There is also a  comment form so people can have their say

The Nearest consultation meetings for residents in the Crosby area is:-

8th August and 6th September.


at St Lukes Church Hall

Book in advance phone 0151 934 3602


Local Plan consultation

Sefton Local Plan

Planning Matters

Planning Matters

The Local Plan for Sefton is a 15-year strategy to encourage sustainable development and economic growth and give current and future generations more opportunities to live and work in the borough.
The Government requires councils to develop a Local Plan and Sefton has no choice but to face the issues and challenges that it raises.
Once agreed, the plan is designed to make Sefton an even better place to live, work and visit – with improved housing, new infrastructure, transport links and more job opportunities.

3 Development options  in the Crosby area

3 Development options in the Crosby area

option for development at Hall Road, Blundellsands

option for development at Hall Road, Blundellsands


Sefton Council’s “Preferred Option” for the Local Plan

Planning Matters

Planning Matters

New ToryLibDem Planning legislation would leave developers free to build more or less wherever they wanted unless  Council’s  have an approved Local Plan specifying where development would be allowed.

Sefton Council’s Local Plan has been developed by Council Planning officers, headed by Alan Lunt and will be proposed to the Planning Committee on Wednesday next week. Prior to that planning committee members will visit each site.

There will then be a public consultation on the proposals where everyone will be able to make their views known.

The Plan is due for publication in June/Jul 2014 to be submitted to the secretary of state in Sep 2014 will cover development until 2030

The areas shown in the plans below would allow for 339 new properties in the areas surrounding Crosby in the 15 years from 2015. Indicated below as SF4 19, SF4 20 and SF4 21GB List
This information is now in the Public domain and is available in the link below.

The Full Local Plan(The Preferred Option) is available CLICK HERE

crosby development

Crosby Development 2

Planning:- Developers to ride rough-shod over communities, the green belt and nature reserves.

Planning icon

Planning Matters

In two hushed announcements by the DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government)  the Torylibdems are giving developers rights to ignore communities. Hidden in the bowels of the right wing press and unannounced on television news channels the two devastating moves  have been announced:-

Government report recommends giving developers the “right to slash Nature” by allowing builders to bulldoze some of the country’s most beautiful areas.

Judge gives energy firms the right to build wind farms 350 metres from homes.


Neighbourhood wars are coming

evil pickles

Eric Pickles MP DCLG Minister

Planning iconNeighbourhoods across the country set to be at war after Eric Pickles with the eager collaboration of the Liberal Democrats, narrowly squeezes through his bill allowing a planning free-for-all on building extensions of as much as 24 feet without permission or consideration of neighbours rights, amenity or concerns.

The few remaining wealthy but sharp-elbowed people across the country will be spending their newly awarded tax cut lolly in B&Q this weekend in preparation to building giant extensions without any care what their neighbours might think.

It seems Eric Pickles; as well as  hating local Democracy, now detests neighbourhood’s and communities and their rights too.

This unelected and unmandated Government continues to ruin  the country for the benefit of the minority at the expense of us all.

I sense a change though. This funeral guff is changing people’s perception and the culture of “I’m alright Jack” and “Looking after number 1” is in it’s death throes.

Planning Committee 24th April

Planning iconThere is one petitioned application in Victoria Ward at this meeting. The application is for 71 Crosby Road North L23 4QD. where permission is sought for the installation of a Hot-Food Takeaway including a ventilation flue.
The Committee are asked to consider the petition,  the impact on the vitality and viability of the centre, the effect on residential amenity, health issues and highway implications.

Officers have recommended that the application be approved.

There is a petition of 27 signatures endorsed by Councillor Byrom. Which includes the following objections:

noise nuisance, vibrations, pollution, odours, traffic issues, parking problems,
don’t need another takeaway, increased levels of customers, disturbance, anti social
behaviour, adverse impact on residential amenity, too many fast food outlets in the area,
litter, vermin, loss of amenity, health issues.

l23 4QDl23 4QD Map

ToryLibDems face defeat over Planning Laws.

Planning iconToryLibDem plans to relax the planning laws to allow anyone to build huge house extensions without planning permission are set to be defeated next week in the House of Commons.

The plan would allow homeowners to build extensions of up to eight metres without consent of the current law which is designed to protect neighbourhood amenity.

Last month members of the House of Lords voted through an amendment tabled by Lord True, the leader of Richmond Council, that would allow local authorities to exempt themselves from the relaxed planning rules.

It is expected the Government will be defeated next week with Labour, most LibDems and upwards of 20 Tory Rebels voting against the legislation who fear a big rise in disputes between neighbours about eyesore extensions.

Other recent changes to planning laws, part of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill” was said to have been written for the Government by Developers and in practice favours Developers above the wishes of Local Communities.  Many fear that the new legislation will make it very difficult to protect large swathes of the Green-Belt.

Formby Neighbourhood Plan

Planning icon


Formby Parish Council has submitted an application to Sefton Council to designate their parish as a ‘neighbourhood area’ for the purpose of preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

A sample application form CLICK HERE


Planning Meeting 3rd April 2013

Planning icon


I attended the planning meeting last night 18:30 3/4/23. Southport Town Hall   There was a members training session commencing at 17:00. I also attended the related planning visits on 2nd April 10:00 – 13:30

Cllr Darren Viedman chaired the meeting.

The main items included:-

Arriva depot

Arriva Depot, hawthorne road, Bootle

Arriva Buses were given a trial period 1 year to change the use of the bus depot on Hawthorne road to a combination of bus and staff parking.

The developer RW Graham was given permission to convert the Waterloo Tavern, Waterloo into 15 self contained flats. PREVIOUS POST

Fire service granted permission to alter and extend the existing fire & Rescue HQ at Bridle Road. The fire service will be requested to make an arrangement with Merseytravel encouraging employees to use the very good local bus & Train links.

The Developer Mr Latham of P&D Solutions was granted permission to convert a large building at 51-53 Merton Road from office use into Multiple Occupany for twenty residents.

Rampworx at Leckwith Rd, Netherton granted permission to extend their trackway into an adjacent premises. They were asked to improve  the adjacent area and facade.

Minutes will be available HERE soon