Bees in Victoria ward

BEES and B and QBees are a really important part of nature. In Victoria ward we have six controlled hives on the Queensway Allotments and in our Sefton Green Gym. B&Q are promoting ways all people with gardens can help the now struggling Bee population of Britain. It is really important as Spring has come nearly two months late this year.



Is Spring 6 weeks late? Moorside Park

I may be wrong but aren’t most blossom trees usually finished by now? Most have just started or have they been early for the past decade or so? Confusing! I’d say better for the bees as the weather will be warmer when they get pollinating although I noticed a large number of huge (Queen?) Bees bumbling around Crosby about a fortnight ago and many dead ones strewn around.

I noticed that this wallflower(Clematis?) on the Old Smithy at Little Crosby Village has not flowered yet even though two years ago; on the same day it was in Full bloom. See below

May 4th 2011

May 4th 2011

May4th 2013

May4th 2013

I went litter-picking in Moorside Park this morning with Friends of Moorside Park. Great time to do it as a nice warm day and the undergrowth has still not developed. Consequently the Park got a deep clean. Sadly, amongst the ancient Spangles wrappers and 5 Park Drive ciggie boxes were masses of recently deposited Dog poo bags, especially in one particular area. I’ll see If I can get a bin placed nearby.

SEfton have placed three good quality benches around the park funded by our ward grant last May as well as the new Outdoor Gym equipment. as reported in this link.

A large field has been partially ploughed and seeded with wildflowers. I discussed with F.O.M.P. chair’ Louise Hick’s and other members, the possibility of including “Incredible Edible”  type projects in the park.

Cllr Michael Roche – 4th May 2013