Planning Committee 24th April

Planning iconThere is one petitioned application in Victoria Ward at this meeting. The application is for 71 Crosby Road North L23 4QD. where permission is sought for the installation of a Hot-Food Takeaway including a ventilation flue.
The Committee are asked to consider the petition,  the impact on the vitality and viability of the centre, the effect on residential amenity, health issues and highway implications.

Officers have recommended that the application be approved.

There is a petition of 27 signatures endorsed by Councillor Byrom. Which includes the following objections:

noise nuisance, vibrations, pollution, odours, traffic issues, parking problems,
don’t need another takeaway, increased levels of customers, disturbance, anti social
behaviour, adverse impact on residential amenity, too many fast food outlets in the area,
litter, vermin, loss of amenity, health issues.

l23 4QDl23 4QD Map

Grass Fires Update

les smallestMy fellow ward councillor and Vice-Chair of the Fire & Rescue service Cllr Les Byrom CBE said this morning:”Arson is one if the most serious crimes on the statute book, it used to be a capital offence, now it can carry a life sentence, so idiots setting deliberate fires are taking a massive personal risk.  Weather related grass fires is a natural phenomenon, but anti social fire setting will be dealt with by Police and the Fire Service with maximum vigour”
Operation Beachsafe A taskforce which aims to keep visitors and residents safe on Sefton’s coastline was launched on Friday, 22 March 2013 


Firefighters Tackle Grass Fires In Sefton – Press release 12.04.13

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service has issued fire safety guidance after firefighters attended 68 grass fires in Sefton in the space of 12 days. There were a total of 334 grass fires over the Easter break between Friday, March 29 and Tuesday, April 9 and 68 of those happened in Sefton.
Of those incidents, 31 grass fires were attended by Bootle & Netherton Community Fire Station, 24 were attended by Crosby Fire Station, nine were attended by Formby Fire Station and four were attended by crews from Southport Fire Station.
Hot spot areas are now being targeted by Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service’s prevention team and partners.
There have been a number of incidents in the Rimrose Valley Park area and work such as high visibility patrols are being carried out in that area with the partnership organisations.
MF&RS staff will also be visiting schools in the area and delivering joint assemblies about the dangers of setting fires deliberately and grassland fires.
On Sunday, March 31, there was a large fire involving grassland and sand dunes in Formby between Albert Road in Formby and Altcar Training Camp. Nobody is believed to have been injured in the incident and the cause of the fire is unknown.
Operation Beachsafe is currently ongoing along Sefton’s coastline to deal with fires along the beach areas. It runs until September and involves partners including Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, Merseyside Police, Sefton Council, Sefton’s Coast and Countryside Rangers, The National Trust, RNLI lifeguards, British Transport Police, councillors and parish councillors.
The issue of grassfires in Sefton will be highlighted at the next Operation Beachsafe meeting later this month. MF&RS staff will also be contacting schools in the Formby area to highlight the dangers of grassfires.
Group Manager Rob Pritchard, MF&RS Sefton district manager, said: “There have been a number of grass fires in the Sefton area in the past two weeks.
“We are working with our partners to tackle those issues and to prevent grass fires. This includes visiting schools as well as raising awareness in the community about the dangers of grass fires and how they can be prevented.
“This work will continue as the good weather approaches. We want residents and visitors to be safe and enjoy parks and beaches in Sefton.”
Of those fires between , there were 59 in Liverpool, 47 in Wirral, 68 in Sefton, 60 in Knowsley and 100 in St Helens.
Fire safety advice has been issued to the public who are using parkland areas as the milder weather approaches.
There are simple steps people can take to reduce the chance of a grass fire.
People should ensure cigarettes are extinguished properly and should not throw cigarette ends on the ground or out of vehicle windows.
Rubbish should be taken home and not left behind, especially glass bottles as they can magnify the sun’s rays and start a fire. They can also injure people and animals.
Open fires should not be lit in parks and open spaces and should only be lit in safe designated areas.
Anyone who spots a grass fire is asked to report it immediately to Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service. Early detection can prevent it from developing into a larger incident. People are also asked to give as much detail as possible and the name of the nearest main road.
People are urged not to tackle fires that can’t be put out with a bucket of water. They should leave the area as quickly as possible and dial 999.
Extra caution should be taken when lighting barbecues and people should never use petrol as it can ignite quickly and soon get out of control. Only approved lighting fuels should be used and barbecues should only be used in suitable safe areas. They should never be lit indoors and never left unattended.
Land owners and land managers are advised to ensure that fire breaks or gaps in vegetation are well maintained and that the grass is kept short and any rubbish is removed from the site.
MF&RS Area Manager Myles Platt, said: “Firefighters have been called out to a number of accidental and deliberate grass fires.
“Deliberately starting fires on grassland and open spaces is arson and offenders will be prosecuted.
“If a fire appliance has to attend a grass fire that has been started deliberately it may delay the response to another emergency.
“Fires started on grassland near motorways and busy roads can cause smoke to drift across roads, creating a hazard for drivers.
“Some accidental fires can be avoided by following the simple safety measures we have highlighted.
“We want people to enjoy the parks and open spaces in Merseyside and to be as safe as possible from fire.”

Local Grass Fires

Fire logoThe dry and windy weather since the snow in early March  has left areas of grassland very dry and sixty grass fires have been reported in Sefton between Friday, March 29th to Tuesday, April 9th. That includes damage to Moorside and Victoria Park in Victoria ward and also in Rimrose Valley.

334 fires have been reported in the Merseyside area in total.

Merseyside Fire and rescue services report that there may be various causes of the fire not just Anti-Social behaviour and ask that “People should ensure that cigarettes are extinguished properly and should not throw cigarette ends on the ground or out of vehicle windows”  See PRESS RELEASE

Me in the Centre with my Wife Avril and Councillor Les Byrom MBE

Me in the Centre with my Wife Avril and Councillor Les Byrom CBE

Fellow Victoria Ward Councillor & Merseyside Fire & Rescue service Vice Chairman Les Byrom says “I have asked for a more specific Sefton update over the weekend, I am told most fires are small, ASB type, but mostly in the Rimrose valley area. There has also been a fire incident in Formby on the beach”






Merseyside Fire service cuts, Cllr Les Byrom

Fire engine, red & yellow, sunny day, one in sillouette

Baracuda Fire appliance

Victoria ward Councillor Les Byrom is also the Vice Chairman of the Authority. Cllr Byrom has given me the following quote  about the cuts to the Merside Fire & Rescue Service.

Les and Cherie Blair“Merseyfire has been recognised both nationally and internationally as a groundbreaking exponent of community fire safety, we have been recognised as as an excellent authority, with best practice in service delivery, equalities, diversity and community fire safety.  Our attendance times are the best in the country and our costs are within the average of city brigades.
We have been forced by draconian government cuts to chop £10m off our budget over the last 2 years and face a further unprecedented £10m cut off the budget in the next two years, frankly, no one can cut the budget by a third and still provide the same service !
The Chief Fire Officer and his team, in full consultation with staff and unions have proposed a system of working that whilst reducing substantially the number of fire engines available, will still keep our average attendance times as the best in the country.  Councillors want to keep all our fire stations open and avoid compulsory redundancy.  We have a huge task ahead, but our staff are our greatest asset, heroes every one and we owe it to them to do the best we can, to keep the public of Merseyside as safe as possible within the budget now forced on us.
We are campaigning politically and using every device at our disposal to lobby against any further cuts, the Labour leadership and Labour members of the Merseyside fire authority are determined to keep this as the safest area of England, give constant best practice and overcome the worst of these savage cuts.
We are working with Labour shadow ministers to bring in plans for the next Labour Government to reverse the worst effects of the cuts, recognising that we are in a world recession but there can be no compromise with public safety”

Les Byrom

Councillor Leslie T. Byrom CBE MStJ FRICS

Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council – Member for Victoria Ward
Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service – Vice Chairman of the Authority

Merseyside Fire Service cuts

2013-02-15 12.53.32

Two “Baracuda” Fire appliances

Your Victoria ward Councillor Leslie Byrom is also the vice-chair of the Merseyside Fire Authority. He attended the budget meeting last night where because of unfairly targeted cuts to Government funding, they were forced to agree cuts of over £10m over the next two years on top of £9.2m in the previous two years.

More than 140 posts, 90 of them firefighters jobs, are to go at Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service over the next three years. As well as job cuts, there will be a 33% reduction in fire appliances from 42 two years ago to 28.

Residents Request

A resident called today with a query which, after consultation with Councillor Byrom and others, we will  to refer to the Sefton Trading Standards Department. We will also contact Joe Benton MP.

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