Merseyside NHS underspend outrage

Steve Rotherham MP with me

Steve Rotherham MP with me

Liverpool Walton MP Steve Rotheram has obtained Department of Health figures, which show that Merseyside PCTs have handed back over £15million to Central Government in underspend.

Steve explained, “It is hard to believe that in the same week that it is revealed people from Liverpool have one of the highest early death expectancy rates from cancer, strokes and heart disease, Jeremy Hunt’s department has pocketed our £15million.

“To some in Whitehall, £15million may not seem like an awful lot of money but in fact, it could pay for 500 new nurses’ posts at a time when we have dangerous low staffing levels in Aintree Hospital


If you get the news from the BBC/ITV/SKY or Tory newspapers you probably don’t know that…


From April 1st the NHS will no longer exist in it’s current form and will be moving to full privatisation on the US model.

Dr Lucy Reynolds Interview in the British medical journal


For the 1.5 per cent of earners who make over £150,000 a year, the top rate of income tax will be reduced from 50 per cent to 45 per cent on 6 April. The move will benefit the UK’s 13,000 income millionaires by an average of £100,769 a year.

The reduction of the minimum threshold to £10,000  benefits higher earners vastly more than lower earners and doesn’t affect the lowest paid.

Beer Duty. You would need to drink 350 pints of Guinness to get a free one.


Social Security awards of all types are capped at only1% for the next 3 years,  whilst inflation varies between 3-5% and is forecast to be higher thereby cutting Social Security payments  potentially by 12% and probably more.

The ToryLibdems have ordered savings from the housing benefit budget of £465 million to be found by setting a tax on families defined to be under-occupying Housing association properties. “The Bedroom Tax”  Costing families around £100 -£120 per month.  The scheme  ignores the practicalities:-

* The cost of moving would outweigh the savings of paying the tax for many. 

* Moving to a private rent would require two months advance rent in most cases. Rent in the private sector is higher. Where would anyone on low income find this? Anyway most private landlords do not accept those on Housing Benefit (or with pets)

* There are very, very few smaller properties available anyway. 

* If most of those affected did move there wouldn’t be any savings made. The small amount of freed properties would not make the slightest dent on  housing waiting lists containing millions of families not tens of thousands.

* Disabled people and their families are disproportionately affected and the only Government help offered (the discretionary fund) is worth £2.51 per week against a rent support shortfall of £14


Support for council tax has been “reformed” now most of the lowest paid, claimants and vulnerable will have to find; in many cases around £30 per month for this new POLL TAX


Legal Aid for Social Security appeals, unfair dismissal  and other social based cases has been ceased from April 1st. Denying justice to to the lowest paid, claimants and the most vulnerable.


Funding for the already overstretched CAB is reduced from £33 million to £2 million. Further denying support advice to the lowest paid, claimants and the most vulnerable.


This month the government applied retrospective legislation denying payments to claimants who had been illegally mandated to work for the Workfare scheme and had lost significant amounts of Social Security payments.


These have now been stopped and a miniscule fund devolved to Councils many of who’m have decided to replace cash payments with pre-loaded gift cards for use in certain stores.


The use of Foodbanks has tripled from 41,000 to 129,000 since the ToryLibdems formed the coalition.


Has risen 48,000 to 993,000 in the last qtr

A one-off 28% capital gains tax on the recent increase in wealth of the top 1,000 richest in the UK would pay off the deficit and still leave the richest with millions in profit each. That would free money for a massive building program to build desperately needed social housing. Thus creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and would  reduce Social Security repayments.  

When the ToryLibdems are kicked out and humiliated in 2015. The incoming Labour Government will have great difficulty turning back the clock on NHS privatisation. It must be done. 

Workfare must stop, everyone deserves a living wage. If they’ve got it they spend it, if they spend it, that spending  creates Growth. 

All the indecencies inflicted by this uncaring, inhumane government on the poorest and most vulnerable must be overturned.  

Treasury may demand10% more cuts – a crisis looms.

evil pickles

Eric Pickles MP. head of DCLG

Child povertyDanny Alexander MP Libdem treasury minister wrote today indicating that 10% more cuts may be ordered from unprotected departments.
Jaames Landale Deputy Political editor at the BBC estimates that it would mean another £2.1bn would be cut from local Government funding. Depending on the Local Government spending settlement set by the DCLG in May, that could leave Sefton Councilwith around only half it’s original controllable budget. A crisis looms.

Your Chancellor, ….

Snarling evil face

Chancelloe, George Osborne, trying to give a s**t about ordinary people

I have lived for 58 years. I have  met millions of people of all races and religions. I  can never recall anyone of any race or creed displaying a face like this to me:

This is your Chancellor George Osbourne MP, architect of the Pastie tax, granny tax etc and now the millionaires  holiday home subsidy:-

Budget 2013 – Help for Millionaires, Holiday Home Subsidy


It turns out that, not only will millionaires, including most of the ToryLibdem Cabinet, get a £100,769 tax cut on April1st, the budget now gives them the chance of a Government subsidised Holiday home.

The “Help To Buy” scheme might even allow  people to  get a subsidy to purchase a £600,000 house for conversion to one bedroom flats or bedsits to make maximum capital by taking advantage of and profiteering from, those forced out of their houses due to the “Bedroom Tax”


Labour’s shadow chancellor, Ed Balls MP

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls Says:-“It now seems his mortgage scheme will help people no matter how high their income to buy a subsidised second home worth up to £600,000,” 

“From what I can see, the government is basically saying if you have got a spare room in a social home, you will pay the bedroom tax but if you want a spare home and you can afford it, we will help you buy one. That is not just tax cuts for millionaires, it is – dare I say it – a spare homes subsidy.”

I think that any  funding for housing should have been invested on building Social Housing for the millions on council and Housing association waiting lists.

Budget 2013

Chancellor George Gideon OsbourneMP . Thinks it's a Hoot

Chancellor George Gideon OsbourneMP . Thinks it’s a Hoot

I guess the latest ToryLibdem budget looks (as usual) as though  it will punish the poor and vulnerable in order to reward the better off and millionaires. A section regarding the Bank of England spoke of “relaxing targets” which indicates they will no longer attempt to control inflation. This at a time when benefits and low wages are cut, frozen and VAT is at it’s highest level ever.

Labour MP John McDonnell suspects further hidden measures to reduce social security:

Ed MillibandMP labour leader concluded his budget reply with the following

“The Chancellor has failed the tests of the British people:

Growth, living standards and hope.

But he has not just failed their tests. He has failed on his own as well.

ed Miliband MP

Ed Miliband MP, Labour Leader

Today the Chancellor joined twitter.

He could have got it all into 140 characters.

Growth down. Borrowing up. Families hit. And millionaires laughing all the way to the bank. #downgradedChancellor. 

Mr Deputy Speaker, more of the same is not the answer to the last three years. 

More of the same is the answer of a downgraded Chancellor, in a downgraded Government.

Britain deserves better than this”

Full Budget Reply CLICK HERE