Re-cycle Plastic and Cardboard

recycle_symbolVictoria residents will, at last, be able to re-cycle Plastic & Cardboard as part of the normal collection service.

Households which currently have a weekly household waste collection will receive re-usable brown and white woven sacks for their plastic bottles and cardboard.

The sacks, being delivered from next week (June 10), have letters in them giving detailed information about what types of plastic and cardboard can be recycled. The letters also inform residents that the new recycling service will take place on the same day as their current refuse/recycling collections.recycle-img

It is hoped that collecting these additional materials will improve recycling in areas where it tends to be lower. Currently Sefton’s borough-wide recycling rate stands at 40.8%.

Funding for the new scheme is taken from Government money and comes ahead of Sefton’s statutory obligation to introduce plastics and cardboard recycling across the borough by 2015.


Outdoor Gyms at Moorside Park and Coronation Park

Moorside Park GYM Eqpt

Map 1. Moorside Park

Coronation park

Map 2. Coronation Park.

Sefton MBC Parks & Gardens have now installed eight items of outdoor Gym equipment in Moorside park (see Map 1) and a further eight at Coronation Park(Behind park buildings, see map 2)

The equipment was funded by the NHS Patient Care trust.

The equipment is free for anybody to use and instructions are provided on each piece.

Instructions for blind & partially sighted users CLICK HERE

The Equipment

Derek from Brownmoor Close, tries out the Equipment

Derek from Brownmoor Close, tries out the Equipment

2013-04-18 15.08.57

Body Twist

2013-04-18 15.09.35

Chest Press

2013-04-18 15.10.02

Cross rider

2013-04-18 15.10.36

Combi Arm Bike

2013-04-18 15.11.05

Air Walker

2013-04-18 15.11.39

Upper Body Workout

2013-04-18 15.12.05

Shoulder press

2013-04-18 15.12.32


2013-04-18 15.09.14 2013-04-18 15.09.46 2013-04-18 15.10.15 2013-04-18 15.10.51 2013-04-18 15.11.16 2013-04-18 15.11.54 2013-04-18 15.12.16 2013-04-18 15.12.42

Sefton Walking & Cycling Newsletter

Sefton “Active Walks” and “Active Cycling”  publish a quarterly newsletter detailing hundreds of guided walking andWalking newletter april 2013 cycling activities in the Borough. There is something to try almost every day.

The Newsletter can be found in all Council buildings, Libraries and Doctor’s surgeries.

You can also view it online CLICK HERE

This produced in partnership with Sefton Council and NHS Sefton

For more information about Active Sefton CLICK HERE

Hard copy versions of these are available through the Sefton’s Health walk Co-ordinator on 0845 140 0845

A new independent walk pack has just been released, 24 individual walks utilisingWalking guide  indy some of the existing network of pathways in the borough. Building up this compilation of easy to use and easy to walk routes of various lengths. Some of the walks are also accessible for wheel chair users.

You can also view this online CLICK HERE

Links to the individual Maps

  1. Crossens Pool
  2. Marshside Meander
  3. Hesketh Wander
  4. Dunes Way
  5. Palace Stroll
  6. Ainsdale Amble
  7. Moss Mosey
  8. Larkhill Walk
  9. Hightown Hike
  10. Ince Woods Wander
  11. Serpentine Saunter
  12. Marine Way
  13. Rimrose Ramble
  14. Canal Way
  15. Maghull Stroll
  16. Lydiate Loop
  17. Thornton Ramble
  18. Sefton Stroll
  19. Aintree Amble
  20. Waddicar Waddle
  21. Kew Wander
  22. Coastal Path Walk
  23. Lunt Circular Walk
  24. Ainsdale to Formby Trail

Sefton MBC Consultation on Charging for Green Waste Collection

As part of the Budget set on February 28th this year, we accepted the recommendation  that savings could be found in the provision of sevices for green waste collection.
Members of all parties have expressed both skepticism and support for the move. The Council wil2013-03-26 12.00.43l now perform a full public consultation on this. The consultation can be found HERE
The consultation, which runs until June 14, 2013, aims to seek the views of as many people as possible about the option of introducing a charge for the service.
The purpose of the consultation is to:
1.  Explain why a charge to collect green waste is being proposed

2.  Find out how much people are prepared to pay for receiving this service
3.  Find out what part of the week people would like their collections to be made

4.  How people will dispose of their green waste if they do not use this service.
My View.
I think a small charge for this service is not unfair given the economic situation.  If the outcome is that more people compost their own green waste then that is a plus for the environment.
However, I think it would be a loss to the environment and unfair on those who don’t have gardens, who wish to re-cycle relatively small amounts of green food waste (potato peel etc..) which would  inevitably end up with normal waste.

Streetkleen – keeping our open spaces clean

dog-mess-solutionRaising awareness of the consequences associated with dog fouling in the UK.

Encouraging social responsibility to ensure that our open spaces remain clean for future generational use.

Streetkleen, an orgnaisation founded in Wales is soon bringing out a new smartphone app which may help deal with Dog-Fouling in Victoria ward and Sefton generally. When released I will look into trialling it here in identified problem areas.

Call Streetkleen on 01244 536999



New statistics show Smoking in Sefton below 17%

The Guardian has today published a smoking map of England. The data for Sefton is below.


The latest data available (2008-10) shows there were 241.9 estimated deaths attributable to smoking per 100,000 population, aged over 35-years old

• The cost per capita of smoking attributable hospital admissions in 2010/11 was £38.5
• The prevalence of smoking among persons aged 18-years old and over was 18.3% in 2011/12
• 16.6% of women smoked during pregnancy in 2011/12


smoking map

Government underestimates extent of Child Poverty in UK by 2m

Child povertyA study by Matthew Oakley and Matthew Tinsley of The Policy Exchange shows that the millionaire ToryLibdem Government underestimates the extent of child poverty in the UK by as many as two million children. The shambolic Government have already glibly announced that over 200,000 children will be subjected to unecessary poverty under their regime.

Because the present system favours households without jobs over working households, other important issues which shape a child’s life – such as whether they live in temporary accommodation, are in a good school, have been in the care system are ignored.

Consequently nearly one in five children, some 2.3 million who suffer deprivation are not included in the Government’s headline measure of relative income poverty, the authors state.


Healthwatch Sefton – Chairperson Wanted.


Healthwatch Sefton is a new independent not for profit organisation, scheduled for launch on 1st April 2013, which aims to represent the views of local people including those who use health and care services so they can help shape how services are delivered. Candidates will be interviewed by a panel comprising of representatives from Sefton Council for Voluntary Services, Sefton Council and NHS representatives. Training and support will be provided for the successful candidates.

The Chair of The Sefton Health and Wellbeing Board, Cllr Ian Moncur says:

Ian MOncur

Cllr Ian Moncur

“We’re looking for a dedicated person who believes they have the skills and commitment to become the Chairperson of the Healthwatch Sefton Board. We are looking to appoint a person who can drive the new organisation forward. He or she will play a significant role in developing the strategy, direction, business objectives and customer focus of Healthwatch Sefton, and they will maintain strong working relationships with Sefton Council, NHS, The Voluntary Sector and the Sefton Health and Wellbeing Board.”