Satterthwaites re-opens on Coronation Road

2013-04-06 11.08.29Large queues formed for the re-opening day of Satterthwaites in Crosby.

The new store next to the original Bakery on 51 Coronation road was thronged with well-wishers and customers.

Satterthwaites have a facebook page CLICK HERE

and better still are on twitter. They tweeted this overnight.

Local Resident Bob Hughes, Queuing at the Bakehouse this morning

Local Resident Bob Hughes, Queuing at the Bakehouse this morning

Rare bob colours

Rare bob colours

Local resident Bob Hughes said he was delighted to be able to buy a Satterthwaites meat pie again at long last. Bob said he would be eating his whilst watching the Grand National this afternoon. Bob’s tip for the National  is number 28 “Rare Bob” ridden by Brian Cooper. at 18/1(It came 5th at 16/1)

Budget 2013

Chancellor George Gideon OsbourneMP . Thinks it's a Hoot

Chancellor George Gideon OsbourneMP . Thinks it’s a Hoot

I guess the latest ToryLibdem budget looks (as usual) as though  it will punish the poor and vulnerable in order to reward the better off and millionaires. A section regarding the Bank of England spoke of “relaxing targets” which indicates they will no longer attempt to control inflation. This at a time when benefits and low wages are cut, frozen and VAT is at it’s highest level ever.

Labour MP John McDonnell suspects further hidden measures to reduce social security:

Ed MillibandMP labour leader concluded his budget reply with the following

“The Chancellor has failed the tests of the British people:

Growth, living standards and hope.

But he has not just failed their tests. He has failed on his own as well.

ed Miliband MP

Ed Miliband MP, Labour Leader

Today the Chancellor joined twitter.

He could have got it all into 140 characters.

Growth down. Borrowing up. Families hit. And millionaires laughing all the way to the bank. #downgradedChancellor. 

Mr Deputy Speaker, more of the same is not the answer to the last three years. 

More of the same is the answer of a downgraded Chancellor, in a downgraded Government.

Britain deserves better than this”

Full Budget Reply CLICK HERE