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At first, they ignore an inconvenient truth.  Then they ridicule it.  Then they attack it … and finally the omnishambles of the Tory-LD government has become self-evident.

 Nevertheless, this government is very successfully dismantling the NHS, state education and what remains of the post-war consensus for the profitable benefit of the transnational corporations, the financial sector (in other words themselves, their friends and relatives); a fact still largely ignored by the mainstream media. This raises a number of important questions about the nature of our democracy.  The Leveson inquiry sheds  significant light on government’s interaction with a transnational corporation like News International, and corporate expectations of government.

Tories plan to wipe out state services

A leading Cabinet minister has admitted that the Conservatives aim to eradicate the state provision of public services in this country. Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office Minister and a former banker, in an extraordinary gung-ho…

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  1. One sincerely hopes that the entire God-awful, unaffordable mess which was created by the Attlee Govt will finally be dismantled, so that the UK can resume its rightful place in the world – powered by the aspiration, efforts and inequalities of its people.

    Sitting on your backside, being subsidised by other peoples’ money (many yet to be born) is simply insane and the entire concept of ‘universal benefits’ an oxymoron. Caring for people in need is the sign of caring: it begins with family caring for each other – not The State stepping in.

    So we need to abolish Child Benefit (include an allowance for those on JSA); return the State pension age to its original 80 (with an additional 10% payable each year from 70, so retirement takes a decade, not a weekend), but raise the sum payable to the minimum wage – ONLY.

    Allow schools to charge fees – and make those fees fully tax-deductible. Then allow them to have entrance exams and 50% of pupils on scholarships and you’ll get parents pushing their children to gain one – competition and effort are learned at an early age!

    Finally, you abolish the health rationing that the NHS was always aimed at delivering, and replace it with a State-enforced compulsory insurance scheme – such as those in France, Germany, Italy, NZ, Oz – and just about everywhere else. Then, rather than debating the length of queues, you ask the proper question – why do we have ANY queues AT ALL in the NHS – they are completely unknown in all those countries listed above!

    And you allow charges to be made for services – such as decent food in hospitals – from competing suppliers within the building. Free (State, as now); £5/day for decent, wholesome food; £20/day for 4* service of top-quality restaurant-standard food. Patients choose what they want, when they want to have it – and how often every day they are served food.

    Not much to ask, now is it? Labour – the party that introduced the appalling abomination called the Liverpool Care Pathway (to death) under which you dehydrate and starve to death – can anything possibly be worse?

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